Making Changes To Survive

I knew from a very young age something was “wrong” with my body. I developed early and was a little bigger, a little softer than kids my…

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How To Lose 100 lbs.

The goal of weight loss might give you the expectation that you will have to spend endless hours doing cardio to achieve results. I am…

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Find Your Tribe

It’s been said that you become the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Seth Godin says, “One of the most powerful of…

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Chase Goals, Not Rabbits

Here’s why you have a coach: There’s too much out there. You know you can’t do everything. A lot of it looks—or sounds—good. Instagram…

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I Suck. Now What?

Whether it’s injury, age, health concerns, over-training, lack of motivation, or life – these are all instigators of declining human…

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The Tax You’re Really Paying

It’s “Tax Season”! If you’re like most Americans right now, you are preparing your financials from the last year, getting ready to pay…

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